Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Talk Teeth

Are you guys sick of reading teeth posts? I hope'll be a while before we are done with this whole mess.

Right now Grayson is still in quarantine...hopefully he'll be getting out Friday because he's getting ornery. He finished his last dose of Bute Tuesday night and will be on the antibiotics for a few more days.

Here's a picture of his 109 molar (check this out for an idea of what teeth I'm talking about).

The 109 was already fractured in pieces. The tooth had split in the middle but food packed in the center and continued to split the pieces of teeth. Gah! It just sounds painful. The 109 is the first tooth they removed. As you can imagine, the gum was quite inflamed and bled a bit (which from what I'm told, is good). After they removed the tooth, they packed the socket with gauze.

Here are a few different views of the 109 molar.

Here I'm holding the two pieces together...make a mental note of where the tooth cracked.

The second tooth they removed was the 210 molar. This is the tooth that had a piece of it removed when he was floated. Apart from the missing chunk, this tooth is interesting because of the root. Notice how the bottom of the tooth (part in the gum) is not flat, straight and smooth? That's not so normal.

You can see the missing chunk and the odd root.

Once again, notice where the tooth failed.

A lot of Grayson's teeth problems come from the fact that the pulp horns (dark brown spots which are normal) are exposed (not covered with dentine) which is what is causes the decay and overall weakness. The 210 molar fractured at the pulp horn and judging by the two big chunks of the 109, it looks like it also cracked at the pulp horn. Unfortunately there is nothing to do about this weakness. I asked if they could seal the rest of his teeth (it's done in human dentistry, right?) but the answer was pretty much no.

I bet you are wondering what they did with the sockets, right? That was one of my big questions. They decided to plug the sockets with a product called Reprosil which is a dental putty that hardens. It's possible that the plugs will fall out. This isn't the end of the world but the plug will need to be replaced with gauze. We can't let food get packed into those sockets.

My regular vet is coming out this will be his first opportunity to examine the sockets and to make sure his plugs are still in.

PS my boyfriend seems a bit concerned with what I'm going to do with my stinky horse teeth. My answer...keep them! :)


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh horse teeth are even more bizarre than I imagined! I hope you do keep posting because I think this is fascinating...also a little cringe worthy, because...ouch!

Julie K said...

They are soooo bizarre...and very large! I never thought I'd be so horse tooth savvy :)